Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q: When has Horgan & Associates been brought in to augment a client's team?

  • A property not achieving market rents and occupancies was imperiling ownership's major income source.
  • Unnecessary “emergencies” were incurring excessive costs and disrupting cash flow.
  • Conflict arose among members of a trust over how to manage assets effectively.
  • Unprofessional business practices and management/tenant relations were causing collections to suffer.
  • Failing lease and property administration systems were allowing critical Landlord and Tenant obligations to be overlooked.
  • Aging properties and obsolete lease documents were allowing significant liability exposures to arise.
  • Management did not have the resources to abstract a multitude of leases in the required time.
  • An owner needed access to our commercial real estate network to acquire and assess competitive bids for sales brokerage services.
  • A client acquiring three properties under a tight deadline needed us to coordinate the physical due diligence for the purchases.
  • Ownership needed our expertise to prepare a portfolio of properties for sale to avoid delays in closing and potential price reductions.
  • A company bursting at the seams with an expiring lease needed to relocate quickly and did not have the expertise or resources to manage the process.
  • A Fortune 500 Company with an expiring option needed to assess the costs of responsibility for aging infrastructure and systems in a lease renewal.

Q: How does Horgan & Associates structure its compensation?

We often begin an assignment with a review and diagnosis of problems. We draft a scope of work based on the preliminary review and our understanding of the task or tasks at hand. Once that scope is finalized with the client, we offer a not to exceed fixed fee for that work. From our diagnosis, depending on the nature of the solutions proposed, additional work can go forward on an hourly rate, a fixed fee, or a percentage of cost if project related.

Q: Why should I choose Horgan & Associates?

We are:

  • Experienced: 30 years in practice of commercial real estate
  • Expert: best-in-class real estate expertise and systems
  • Focused: real estate services is our business, not an adjunct to transactions
  • Efficient: staff on as needed basis, task oriented, low overhead operation
  • Flexible: responsive to project evolution, and the need for alternate expertise
  • Accountable: a principal of Horgan & Associates owns each project
  • Additive: an eye to improve efficiency, save money beyond project scope

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